2019 Workshops

CVWG’s final workshop of 2019 was recently completed. Member Bill Snow treated 23 students of varying skills and abilities to two days of instruction in how he approaches his watercolor art. Bill encouraged the students to develop multiple detailed drawings of various sizes, arrangement of key elements, and cropping in planning the overall painting.

Drawing an image is the same as painting using graphite. If you can draw it, you can paint it!

Bill Snow

The following images demonstrate Bill’s use of detailed drawings in development of a painting:

Day one of this workshop emphasized the importance of drawing to improve composition. The students, working from still life arrangements or photos, practiced sketching to define shapes, improve balance, create a focal point, simplify detail, look for negative space, and build contrast.

Day two focused on watercolor techniques such as wet-on-wet, color layering, dry brush, re-wetting passages, hard vs. soft edges, scrubbing, scratching, and the when/where/how of masking to preserve white space. Most of the students were able to spend significant time painting with Bill available to advise and consult.

Here are a few scenes from the two days of Bill’s workshop.

About Bill Snow

Bill has been involved in art almost his entire life. After earning a degree in Fine Art, he worked for over 40 years in the audio visual and advertising businesses as an Art Director and Graphic Designer. During this period he painted in watercolor during his spare time. Now retired, Bill paints full time. His work is found in a number of private collections around the country and has won several awards. He is a member of the Fluvanna Art Association, the CVWG, the Virginia Watercolor Society and is an associate member of the American Watercolor Society.

Earlier Workshops

Tuesday thru Thursday, May 7-8-9, 2019

 “Painting the Essence of the Blue Ridge in Watercolor” with Peg Sheridan

Humpback Rocks by Peg Sheridan

Join us as we learn to paint the things we love about our Blue Ridge Mountains!  We will spend time learning how to paint: rocks, trees, ridges, fog and waterfalls.  Each day will focus on a different subject and technique.  In the process, you will acquire many painting skills, including mixing color, painting wet-in-wet, creating texture, saving whites, and much more.  You will learn how to compose a painting, how to plan values, how to choose a limited palette, and how to develop a painting.  Peg will provide color worksheets, demonstrations, one-on-one help, and critiques.

Peg Sheridan has been painting in watercolors for almost 40 years, and has been teaching watercolor painting for almost 30 years.  She teaches at Beverley Street Studio School, Larkin Arts in Harrisonburg, Shenandoah Valley Art Center in Waynesboro, VECCA in Woodstock, Augusta County Parks and Recreation, and several other places.   She is known for her encouraging manner and enthusiasm.  She is a very popular instructor, and most of her classes sell out.  See Peg’s work, and more about her classes at

A materials list will be sent upon registration.


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