Featured Member Artist– Susan Rosen

As the recipient of the CVWG Memorial Award at our 2019 Annual Exhibition for her work, “Divided #2”, it is entirely apt that we recognize Susan Rosen on this, our inaugural Featured Artist page. In addition to her award winning painting, Susan is proud to share an additional six paintings with us.

“Edge of the River”

Says Susan about her “journey”:

I began painting in 1995 after moving to Virginia from Long Island. I have always loved the process……the physical application of the paint, whatever the medium, surface or tool I am using. Music was my creative outlet until I began painting. I have found that like studying voice, learning to paint is a slow and sometimes tedious process that is a gift in itself.

About her passion, Susan says:

It is wonderful to love something and try to capture its essence. Watching the paint move on its own or with my prodding……the process of making a picture……that’s the reward. If I like the finished painting, it’s a bonus!

“Hidden Iris” by Susan Rosen

Susan’s success extends beyond central Virginia and the Commonwealth. Susan is a real ambassador for Central Virginia Watercolor Guild!

My paintings are included in collections across this country, in India and Great Britain. They have been pictured in several publications and “Concert Night” serves as cover art for a collection of poetry by JoAnne Falletta, music director of the Virginia Symphony and the Buffalo Philharmonic.

“Posy” by Susan Rosen
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