Featured Member Artist– Patty Richmond

Next in our Featured Member Artist series, member and director of Guild Workshops, Patty Richmond, shares her art and her story.

I feel content with a paint brush in my hand. I like to paint anything: animals, nature, landscapes, fruit that looks juicy and ready to eat. I am inspired by the world around me. I find painting very relaxing and I easily become absorbed in the moment while painting. I become one with the subject.

Patty Richmond

When I first begin I trace the tree or the flower in my mind’s eye and then my arm and fingers begin to move. I like to use different mediums: the easy flow of watercolor, the texture of oil and acrylics. 

I’ve done extensive traveling, first as a young adult while teaching in Germany in the military schools,  spending holidays visiting museums, and absorbing the transforming art of the Masters. Now, I travel for fun with my husband, still visiting museums and art galleries.

I have read many books describing how to use color  and the importance of  composition. I use all of these tips when executing my paintings. I studied drawing with Akemi  Ohira at the University of Virginia. In this class we drew still life arrangements and copied the Masters using only charcoal and a tortillon. I have taken oil painting classes with Robert Warren and Dixie Harden. In the past few years, I have taken Guild watercolor workshops with Don Andrews, Jan Leadbetter, Chee Ricketts, and Steve Fleming. 

I have been Chair of the Guild’s workshops for the past several years and enjoy every instructor and class. I am a life long learner!

Patty Richmond

Get in touch with Patty by email or at our next meeting and share your similar stories. Until then, stay healthy and use the current strange times we live in as an opportunity to paint!

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