Monthly Challenge!

We invite members and guests to join us in creating or finishing an original water-media art of any size using a different theme each month. The intention of these challenges is to encourage our members to explore new subjects and techniques. Share your creations at the monthly meeting. Guests and visitors are welcome to participate.

2020 Challenge!

  • January 27 “Abstract”– Use watercolor pencils or watercolor paint
  • February 24 “Baby It’s Cold Outside”– Think of a song you like and make art of it.
  • March 23 “Wedding or Winter Wonderland”– Create art of a scene dominated by whites and shadows, the topic of this month’s CVWG one-day workshop. Also, this month’s meeting program is a critique of members’ art.
  • April 27 “Flowers in Your Yard”– Sketch your painting and then paint it.
  • May 18 “Landscape with Rocks and Water”
  • June 22 “Help”– Bring in a painting you want help with. This month’s meeting program is a critique of members’ art.
  • July 27 “Getting Ready for the Crozet Show”– Your choice of topic but must be a small painting, less than 14″ in every direction.
  • August 24 “Plein Air”– You pick the topic then paint it outdoors. This month’s meeting program is a critique of members’ art. Note: Our President, Linda Verhagen, will be taking the paintings to Crozet this same day for the show.
  • September 28 “Household Object”– Pick an object in or around your house that you have wanted to paint.
  • October 26 “Architecture” — Select any building you love and paint it. COULD BE YOUR HOUSE !

Thank you to our Challenge! committee heads Carolyn J. Belt and Janice S. Creasy .

2019 Challenge!

In review, here are the Challenge topics from 2019.

  • January 2019 “Selfie” — Have you ever included your own image in a painting? Show us the results!
  • February 2019 “Abstract” — Show us a painting that breaks away from traditional representations of physical objects. 
  • March 2019 “Metal or Rust” — Rust can be beautiful.  What can you paint with metal objects?
  • April 2019 “Wind and Weather” — April showers bring May flowers, so show us a painting related to wind and weather.
  • May 2019 “In Flight” — Whether it’s a plane, a kite, or a bird, let’s see what you can create that flies.
  • June 2019 “Out in the Garden” — How do things look in your garden?  Or maybe it’s how you wish they looked.  Show us!
  • July 2019 “Life’s a Beach” — Summer means sand and sun.  Show us a painting related to something you might find at the beach.
  • August 2019 “Dogs Days of August” — Share a painting of a dog or other pet with us on this steamy dog day in August.
  • September 2019 “Local Views” — Paint a scene from where you live.
  • October 2019 “Autumn Bounty” — Autumn provides such a bounty!  Show us a painting that includes some of the best of Autumn.

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