Challenge! 2019

Thank you to our Challenge! committee: Juliette Swenson, and  Laura Brennan Pooler!

The intention of these painting challenges is to encourage our members to explore new subjects and techniques. Share your creations at the monthly meeting. Guests and visitors are welcome to participate.

September 2019 “Local Views”

Congratulations to the Members Who Accepted The Challenge!

Our beautiful state of Virginia provides ample choices for a beautiful painting. This month’s challenge was to paint items or scenes from where we live!

Coming Months’ Challenge!

Plan to create or finish an original water-media art of any size using these monthly themes.

October 2019 “Autumn Bounty”

Autumn provides such a bounty!  Show us a painting that includes some of the best of Autumn.

2019 Past Months’ Challenge!

We have enjoyed all the art creatd by our members so far this year. Take a look!

January 2019 “Selfie”

Have you ever included your own image in a painting? Show us the results!

January challenge
Harold Hallock, Linda Abbey, Anne Hopper, Juliette Swenson, and Karen Schwenzer

February 2019 “Abstract” 

Show us a painting that breaks away from traditional representations of physical objects.  Show us your form, line, color, tone, and texture!

Abstract Challenge
Thirteen members responded to this challenge!

March 2019 “Metal or Rust”

Rust can be beautiful.  What can you paint with metal objects?

April 2019 “Wind and Weather”

April showers bring May flowers, so show us a painting related to wind and weather.

May 2019 “In Flight”

Whether it’s a plane, a kite, or a bird, let’s see what you can create that flies.

June 2019 “Out in the Garden”

How do things look in your garden?  Or maybe it’s how you wish they looked.  Show us!

July 2019 “Life’s a Beach”

Summer means sand and sun.  Show us a painting related to something you might find at the beach.

August 2019 “Dogs Days of August”

Share a painting of a dog or other pet with us on this steamy dog day in August.

2018 Challenge! Results

2017 Challenge! Results

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