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Bruce Davenport

Bruce DavenportLong-time CVWG member and treasurer, Bruce Davenport, died Feb 4, aged 85.

According to his obituary, “Bruce spent his career as an Electrical Engineer at Sperry in Charlottesville. His true interests were many, including bird-watching, art (watercolor and pastels), classical music, botany of Virginia, and continually renovating the old farmhouse in Ivy”.

Chris Rich took this photo of Bruce at a CVWG meeting. She writes: “I looked up some records and found out that Bruce was CVWG’s  Treasurer  in 1997 and 1998. He had been a member from the very beginning of the Guild.  He was such a sweet and gentle soul and will be missed a lot.”

Dick Carpenter remembers Bruce as “one of the water colorists in the Central Virginia Watercolor Guild who became interested in chalk pastels. In 2001 the group formed a separate organization–Piedmont Pastelists–and met, at first, in the classroom of Michael’s store. Bruce soon began creating attractive pastel landscapes and still-lifes. He was always available to help arrange reference subjects, hang exhibits and explain his current work-in-progress, and the techniques and problems he was encountering. His pleasant personality was a factor in the growth and enjoyment of this new art group that still continues today.”

A memorial celebration will be held at The Colonnades at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 16, 2013. The Daily Progress obituary can be read at:

Looking Inward: Watercolors by Phyllis Koch-Sheras

Phyllis Koch-SherasJanuary 27- March 31, 2013

Sojourners United Church of Christ, 1017 Elliot Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia

Artist Talk

Phyllis will be giving an Artist Talk on Thursday, February 28th, 4:30-6pm.  All are invited.

Artist Statement

Art is everywhere in my life—in words, in singing, in fashion, in painting. I see colors everywhere and love combining them in new and interesting ways. I especially enjoy how color has a “mind of its own” in watercolor, bringing surprises where least expected.

Nature and the outdoors have always inspired me—the air, the sun, the colors, the trees, flowers, water, wildlife—providing me with a sense of challenge and joy. I especially love translating what I see in nature through painting.  There is a sense of connection and intimacy with nature that comes from capturing it with a paint brush. Experimenting and abstracting with color and form gives me a way to interact with the natural world.  It is a way for me to bring the external and internal landscapes of my experience together in an expressive form.  I hope that sharing the beauty and variety of nature through my paintings will inspire you to explore your own internal landscapes and to appreciate and care for the environment, preserving it for all.


Chinese Brush Painting Exhibit

Chinese cranesVirginia Lloyd-Davis will be demonstrating Chinese Brush Painting for CVWG’s April meeting, and will offer a one-day workshop in Chinese Brush Painting on Saturday, May 11, 2013 from 10am to 3pm.

We can get an advance peek at her work this month  because Virginia is displaying 32 artworks at the Westminster Canterbury of the Blue Ridge Retirement Community on Pantops Hill in Charlottesville.  She will be there on Wednesday (Feb 13) giving a presentation at 2 PM in the Monticello Room. She has offered to come to Charlottesville on a separate occasion if a group of us  would like to have her give a guided tour of the show.

Because Westminister is a gated community,  visits need to be set up in advance.  Please contact Kay Flanagan  (517) 228-3512 if you would like to arrange to see the show.

Mack Rowe show in Cavalier Gallery

Mack Rowe-miniMack Rowe is the artist featured in the Cavalier Gallery, starting January 28th and ending April 22. The show is titled, “Drama in Nature”. It will hang in the Hall Gallery of the Cavalier for all to enjoy. It’s an exciting show of color and concept.

Mack will host a reception at the Cavalier Inn on February 9 from 3:00 to 6:00pm. All are invited to partake and enjoy!

His artistic purpose is to surprise and entertain, to bring new vision to the wonder and mystery of Nature that abounds around us. As you explore his visual interpretations, Mack invites you to bring your own interpretive vision. His hope is that together we will share and create the unfolding visual experience.

Mack Rowe, (540) 948-3933

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January Meeting

Jeannine ReganOur first meeting for 2013 is on January 28th.  Hope to see all of you at the Cavalier Inn at 12:30 for networking/social time.  We will have our business meeting at 1PM as usual, and then a wonderful program presented by Jeannine Regan, a landscape painter from Charlottesville who maintains a studio at the McGuffey Center.  Her website is where you can see her beautiful paintings in watercolor or encaustic.

Sue Rosen, President