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A left-brained technologist by nature, education, and training, I am now retired and experimenting with the "other half" of whatever brain I still possess. I am looking to meet interesting people, engage in variety of group activities, travel, and enjoy my grandchildren.

Welcome, April!

A reminder that Central Virginia Watercolor Guild can now be found on the web at

“Blue Over You” by Deb Prum

Featuring Member Artist Deb Prum

Member Deb Prum generously shares her art, a bit of her biography, and her fascination with water media in our latest installment of our Featured Member Artist series. Find our page using our site’s left hand menu bar or click here. Also, check out Deb’s personal website at

Call for Entries to CVWG’s Small Works Exhibit

Our Guild President, Linda Verhagen, has issued our Call for Entries to the Guild’s Small Works Exhibit being hosted by the Crozet Artisans Depot in Crozet, VA this September. Read the Call for Entries at this link or the left-side menu button on this site. The first 28 members who email Linda will be entered so we urge you to contact her now.

Resources From Our Members

Member Chee Ricketts sent us this to be shared:


 It is important to know their composition, just as in making the distinction between media, such as watercolor vs. oil. All of these media are composed of pigment/binder/solvent.

 Oils: pigment/ binder is Linseed Oil/ solvent is turpentine or Gamsol
 Watercolor: pigment/ binder is Gum Arabic/ solvent is water Therefore, the distinction between colored pencils and watercolor pencils is in the binder and solvent

 Colored pencils: pigment/ binder is wax or vegetable oil and the solvent is can be alcohol or turpentine (I used wax based colored pencils with my high school students and we used alcohol as the solvent) (safer than turps)

 Watercolor pencils: the binder can be Gum Arabic or water-soluble oils and the solvent is water.

 When purchasing supplies, members should then look for the TYPE of pencil that is selected. Colored pencils will say something like “rich, creamy texture” and “moisture proof” and Watercolor pencils must say “water soluble” or “Create a wide range of effects when coloring with water and brush”.

 If a member uses watercolor pencils in a watercolor painting, that is appropriate and it is still considered a watercolor. If a member uses regular colored pencils in a watercolor, then the designation is a “Mixed Media” painting rather than a watercolor.

Past member Donna Brune emailed us to share news that professional artist and past CVWG workshop instructor Tom Lynch will be hosting a ‘FREE’ LIVE Demo next Saturday, April 11, at 2:00 PM CDT (3:00 PM EDT).

I have taken several workshops with Tom over the years and I thought members might be interested in watching Tom Lynch’s video next Sat., April 11.  Several years ago Tom did a workshop for the guild that was well attended and quite lively. 

Donna Brune

Instead of replicating his full announcement, you can view Tom’s notification by visiting his website or by clicking on this link.

Please contact Donna to thank her for the suggestion and to reconnect with her.

This past Thursday, April 2, I received a notice from Strathmore Artist Papers of a same-day Instagram Live Art Night. The workshop featured artist Shelley Kim painting a wreath. You can read Strathmore’s announcement by clicking on this link. Strathmore also posted a full tutorial and video of Shelley’s work you can view at this link.

I have featured Strathmore Artist Papers before for an online workshop. They are generous as a resource but, of course, they are selling products. Still, please consider signing up for their free newsletters and to get immediate notice for such sessions.

I send you my blessings and best wishes for continued health. I hope you are taking better advantage of the “stay indoors” mandates to work on your art than myself.

April & May Activities Postponed

Our Guild Board of Directors, continuing to prioritize the health and wellness of all our members, have voted to cancel all scheduled Guild activities through May 2020.

This is due to the ongoing and increasing threat of the coronavirus. As many of our members are over age 65, the board felt that this was the responsible decision to make at this time. There will be no change over of paintings at the Courthouse in April in order to keep members safe from any contaminated surfaces or group gatherings. This was to be the special judged Courthouse Show, however, the committee has decided to reschedule this event at the October 26 turnover date. In addition, the Peg Sherman Workshop originally scheduled for May 11 will be postponed to a date in the future.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers as we travel through a most difficult time. As artists, we constantly seek to find ourselves, understand the world we live in and to express what is important to us through the visual world of art. On a positive note, we have been given time to think or perhaps rethink what is truly important and how we as individual artists want to express this to others.

Linda Verhagen, CVWG President

Member News

“Going in Circles” by Susan Rosen

Susan Rosen reports that she has art accepted into two juried exhibitions:

Her painting “Going in Circles” has been accepted into the 2020 Academy of the Arts Annual National Juried Art Exhibition at the
Lynchburg Academy of the Arts. Susan reports that, to her knowledge, the art will still be hung and the Juror will still make awards despite the current state of closures and cancellations.

Susan’s art at the top of this page, titled “Harvest”, has been accepted into the 2020 Art Speaks Juried Exhibition for Virginia artists at The Bay School Community Arts Center in Mathews, Va now (re)scheduled for July 25.

Help Us Out

Please share with the Guild what activities and art you are working on during these challenging days. Send an email to our webmaster with images of your art, a link to an interesting web page, an online tutorial, etc. and we will get it on our web.

A Note from Our President

A reminder that Central Virginia Watercolor Guild can be found on the web at our new address,

Cancellation of March Guild Meeting

I am so sorry to tell you that the CVWG Board has decided to cancel both the general meeting and the Board meeting on March 23 due to the impending threat from the coronavirus.  As you know, our membership has a large segment of older artists which puts them in the high risk category.  I also just learned that our presenter, Lyn Bolen Warren, who was to do individual critiques has developed some health issues which would have prevented her from coming on March 23.  The Church of Our Saviour where we meet has been most understanding of our situation.  The sextant has been working overtime trying to do as much sanitizing as possible for the church, but it becomes an overwhelming task to do every chair, table and surface that any of us may come in contact with.

This was a difficult decision for the Board to make, but we all feel that it is the responsible one for the health and safety of our membership.  You may find information about future events on our website and on “The Bulletin Board”, which I will send to all members this weekend.

Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy.

Linda Verhagen, CVWG President

More Offerings By and For Our Guild

We hope you remember that our new address on the web is Bookmark us and visit us often!

Something New for You…a Podcast!

Guild Member and Membership Director Rosemary Connelly found this great 21 minute podcast about finding creative ways to prioritize your art and find time during your day to paint more. This is from National Public Radio (NPR) so you can be sure of its quality. Be sure to turn up the volume on your computer/pad/phone and give it a listen!

Member News

Member Helen Gregory will be joining our team to help publish this website and to continue to introduce new online services and content. Thanks, Helen!

Members Brenda Hounshell and Chee Ricketts have been selected for participation in the 2020 Rockingham Fine Arts 6x6x30 Exhibition.

“This juried exhibition asks the accepted artists to create a 6″x 6″ piece of art each day for 30 days. The 30 finished pieces are then mounted onto a display board. The entries consist of a large range of types of art including sculpture, fabric, collage, tile work, watercolor, glass, pottery, painting and many other media.”

Rockingham Fine Arts
One of Chee RIcket’s “Central Virginia Cloudscapes” collection
One of Brenda Hounshell’s “Out on a Limb” collection.

An opening reception for the exhibition will be held this Friday, March 6, from 5:00 PM-8:00 PM at VMRC, 1491 Virginia Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA. The exhibit will be on display during the month of March. Below is a map for your use.

You can view more of Brenda’ and Chee’s art on their web sites at and, respectively.

Member Peg Sheridan is staying busy by…

  • taking a week long workshop with Sterling Edwards in Florida in December;
  • working with children in Staunton’s homeless shelter, doing art projects, once or twice a month;
  • being nominated for an Award of Artisitic Merit through the Louisa Arts Center …stay tuned for results;  
  • recently teaching watercolor painting to a high school gifted and talented/Art III group;

Most recently, Peg has been juried into the Queen City Plein Air Festival, in Staunton, April 14-19. Keep an eye on that event and we’ll try to update you as it gets closer.

Peg has updated her workshop offerings through May 2020. You can find her latest offerings on her website at A reminder that Peg is the leader for our May 11 Guild Workshop, The Value of Value Sketches.

This Month’s Guild Meeting

A reminder that this month’s meeting is on March 23 when:

  • Your monthly painting “challenge” is “Wedding or Winter Wonderland”: Create art of a scene dominated by whites and shadows, the topic of this month’s CVWG one-day workshop led by Robin Poteet.
  • The program will be a critique of members’ art by Lyn Bolen Warren. With a little over 2 weeks to go, all members’ have plenty of time to get started on a new painting!

Quite a Few Guild Updates and Apologies!

Apologies to everyone for the delay in making recent updates to our website and publishing posts. I have had several family matters to attend (thank you to all my Guild friends for your kind words!). I am gradually getting “back in the saddle” so send me your latest paintings to post in our Member Gallery, volunteer to be a Featured Artist, suggest a topic, send me a link to a website tutorial that you have found helpful, or other!

Member News

While I am on the subject of apologies, we inadvertently failed to include member Joy Levick Cross from our January recognition of artists who paid tribute to Eloise Gardiner Giles. Be sure to recognize her generosity when you see her next.

Member Marcy Springett is having a showing of her art from March 6 through mid April at the In Vino Veritas Wine and Gourmet Shop.

Grape Expectations by Marcy Springett

The shop is located at

3015 Louisa Rd.
Keswick, VA 22947

A wine tasting and reception will be held at the shop on the opening day, Friday March 6, from 4:30 PM – 7:00PM . Parking is available behind building.

Member Linda Suomi Bethke is pleased to announce that several of her students have a showing of their watercolor art:

Member Adella Langham has a new painting in our Member Gallery.

Two Web Workshops by Strathmore

Strathmore Artists Papers continues its promotion of water media in 2020 with 2 new free workshops presented across the web. I, personally, have taken several of these workshop and found them to be quite helpful. You can read about the 2 workshops scheduled for 2020, how the workshops operate, how to enroll, etc. at this site.

Workshop 1, How to Draw Portraits by Justin Mass is set to start on May 4. While this is maybe a bit outside our main focus of water media, drawing is a key part of our art. Our CVWG held our own workshop in 2019 with member Bill Snow also focused on drawing.

Workshop 2, is Creative Watercoloring by Leslie Tieu is set to start on September 8. This looks to be a very good workshop that most of our members and guests should consider.

Shows and Exhibits of Interest

Firnew Farms Artist’s Circle has announced several new shows by their artists in our area.

Our January and February Programs

Hopefully, you attended one or both of our monthly meetings and enjoyed our programs. Our Meetings and Programs page has been updated with photos and short notes on those programs. We hope you can join us on March 23 for our next meeting when our program will be Member Painting Critique with Lyn Bolen Warren.

We’re Gearing Up for a Busy 2020


A reminder that our Guild’s web site can be reached at in addition to our traditional site address. Be sure to share that new address with friends, family, and colleagues and “follow” us.

An Art Tribute to Member Eloise Gardiner Giles

Marcy Springett

Members Harold Hallock, Karen Perkins, Nancy Ford, Sharon Walker, Mary Ann Wirth, and Marcy Springett with Ginny Adams, Mary Anne Steele, Linda Blake, and Fran Feigert have a tribute art show in honor of Eloise Gardiner Giles at the New Dominion Bookstore during the months of February and March. Read about the tribute art show by clicking on this link.

Member News

Member Trish Crowe was recently recognized by the Firnew Farm Artist’s Circle for helping to establish a permanent art installation for the Museum of Culpeper History. You can read about Trish’s contributions by clicking on this link.

Member Susan Crave Rosen with Karen Rosasco have a show of their art at the Louisa Arts Center. Read the gallery’s description of this show by clicking this link.

New Art by Our Members!

Take a fresh look at our Member Gallery to see images of new art by members Janie Prete and Jane Matthews.

As always, we want to see your work and it is easy to share your art by snapping a photo with your phone and sending it to our CVWG Webmaster for posting.

Upcoming Show: 2020 VMRC Juried Art Exhibition

We received notice for this year’s VMRC Juried Art Exhibition in Harrisonburg:

It is a snowy morning here in Harrisonburg but whatever the weather in your area I hope you are thinking about your entry for our 2020 exhibition. The entry deadline is March 16 and we hope to hear from you before that date. For your convenience I am attaching a copy of the prospectus and entry form!

Anne Pauley, Director

The VCRM exhibition prospectus for entering your art can be downloaded by clicking on this link. Due to the proximity to our area and importance of this exhibition to the arts scene in central Virginia, additional reminders will be communicated in coming days and weeks.

Website Updates

The following updates have been made to our website since last post:

  • The program for our May 18 meeting ha been finalized. Mary Margaret Pipkin will be our guest speaker.
  • Our 2020 Directory is now linked to our Membership page. You can download and print any portion of it as you need.
  • We continue to get members joining and/or rejoining. Our membership listing is up to date.