Jim Weatherford

Jim WeatherfordLinda Verhagen writes:

It is with great sadness that I must tell you of the passing of Jim Weatherford on Dec. 16.  A very talented, kind, caring and gentle man, Jim was a past president of the Central Virginia Watercolor Guild.

Patty Richmond writes:

Jim Weatherford will be missed by all. He had a quiet presence, a contagious smile and was an enthusiastic learner. During our last Workshop he experimented and then shared, always trying to improve and learn new techniques. He was a role model for all of us, “a life long learner”

Jim Weatherford in workshop

Judi Ely writes:

I have known Jim for a long time. His wife, Mickey, taught math at Henley as I did for many years.  He was a guidance Counselor at various schools. My husband was a counselor, too.  We knew him when he was at Western Albemarle High School.  He became ill with m.s. around 30 years ago and had to retire shortly thereafter.  Always, whenever I saw him socially he was so jovial and interested in what my husband and I were doing at the time.  He was also always very quick witted.  I know he and Mickey loved to watch all the old situation comedies.  They loved “seinfeld”.
I’m sorry to hear of his passing.



One thought on “Jim Weatherford”

  1. I lost my best friend and my big brother when Jim passed on December 16th, but I also lost my hero. I got to spend forty-six years around a man who never whined about his illness or his misfortune. When he could no longer do so many of the physical activities that he loved to do, he didn’t feel sorry for himself. Instead he approached each day with courage, with dignity, and with grace. That’s what great men and heroes do.


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