Troy Weidenheimer’s Workshop

Troy class 2“Study the Masters”, and “Practice, practice, practice”. These were two of the themes that Guild members came away with after spending two days at Zehmer Hall learning about watercolor from Troy Weidenheimer.

The first day Troy had lots of slides he flashed on a huge screen using the photos and explaining to us how to design a painting. We learned it should be warm or cool, light or dark, and organic or angular. Leonardo d’Vinci and Rembrandt’s were experts and everything they produced was thought through and planned before it was executed.

Troy class 1The second day we looked at slides of trees and clouds. We examined them and Troy pointed out the soft and hard edges and stressed how important both were. Next, we painted using his photos for references.

We even sang about trees, what could be more fun? Troy kept the whole workshop light and fun.

Patty Richmond, Workshop Chair

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