Pet Portraits Workshop

Workshop 2
Carole stands beneath overhead mirror

Carole Pivarnik, CVWG member and workshop instructor, reports on the latest workshop held in Zehmer Hall, May 8-10:

“From the feedback I’ve gotten, and the work and growth I saw happen there, it was a success! I so enjoyed teaching it, too…everyone worked hard, pushed past their comfort zones in many cases, and we had some fun too, with twice-a-day giveaways. Prizes included my book Doggitude: What Dogs Really Think in 17 Sassy Syllables, two synthetic sable paintbrushes, and a box of blank watercolor paper greeting cards.

Workshop content was focused on a process: Planning, Drawing, Painting, and Finish. I led the participants step by step through it. Along the way, there was discussion, presentation, demo, and guided practice. It was a lot of fun!

We ran out of time at the end to gather for a group pic of everyone’s work, but many will be bringing their project portraits to the next CVWG meeting, (May 21), to share.

Workshop 1
Helping a student

As always, I provide an evaluation form with positive statements (like “I learned useful new skills or info in this workshop.”) about the workshop content and organization and ask students to rate each from 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 5 (Strongly Agree) and return the forms to me at the end of the last day. Nine evaluations were returned. The average score was 5 (Strongly Agree) and a few 4’s so it seems at least half the class was thrilled: Some of the comments included:

Workshop 3“Great workshop…I learned a lot!”

“Thank you for the best workshop I have taken.”

“Carole is a fine, effective teacher! She is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and clear in her presentation of material.”

“This workshop was everything I had hoped…and fun.”

“Wonderful workshop.”

Carole Pivarnik,

Patty Richmond, workshop chair, writes:

“Carole’s enthusiasm for watercolor and for life were amazing. She has dedicated her life to learning about portraiture, both animals and people. It was a fantastic three days. She was very attentive coming around to each participant and evaluating where they were as they painted and what they were doing right or, if they needed a few changes, what they should do to enhance their painting. She is extremely patient. Another successful three days of creativity and camaraderie for Our Guild!”

(Thanks to Carole and Patty for the photos)

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