Courthouse Winners!

CourthouseThe Five Merit Award Winners of the April Courthouse Show are the following:

Matalie Deane for Sound of the City
Jane Matthews for Days End
Marcy Springett for Concentration
Jean Botts for Evening Tide
William Snow for Two of a Kind

There were also Three Honorable Mentions chosen and they are:

Windy Payne for Spring
Harold Hallock for Into the Woods
Anne de la Tour Hopper for Plate of Petit Fours

These eight artists and all who entered will be honored at the luncheon and reception on Monday May 21st at 12:30  before the regularly scheduled CVWG meeting. The luncheon is for all members not just those who entered, and is in lieu of the usual social hour.

Please be sure to stop by the Courthouse to see the show and all  the beautiful art our members are creating.  Also tell all  your friends about it!

Jean Botts, Chair of Courthouse Committee

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