Annual Luncheon

CVWG’s 2017 luncheon was held at the Church of Our Savior on Monday, November 20.

Outgoing Board

Outgoing President, Sharon Walker, (center, with raised hand), thanked members of the outgoing board, (from left to right, Rosemary Connelly, Virginia Evans, Patricia Richmond, Sue Stover, Karen Schwenzer, Jeanne Ann Williams, Patricia Travers, Jean Botts, Pam Roland and Adella Langham), for their service.

Incoming President

Then incoming President, Alice Russell, said a few words before a most delicious pot luck luncheon was served.

Meeting 3 21 people brought paintings to the luncheon–many in response to the November challenge “Local History”. Pictures and artists can be seen HERE. If you would like to participate in the “Yellow/Orange” January Challenge, click on the Challenge! menu for instructions.

After lunch, members were invited to view the Transparent Watercolor Show in the church fellowship hall where Sue Stover served cake.

Thank you to Carolyn Ratcliffe for these photos.

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