Annual Exhibit Winners

31B, Prairie Pumper, watercolor, 18x24
Prairie Pumper

Congratulations to CVWG member Bill Snow, who won this year’s Best in Show ($800) with “Prairie Pumper”.

Awards of Excellence ($200)

Jennifer Duncan   “Acadia”
*Eloise Giles   “Rebirth”
Bev Purdue   “Midnight”
*Susan Crave Rosen   “Journey”
*Teresa Shepherd   “Bathing Beauties”
Geri Stephenson  “Sally”
*Christine Watts   “Waterway”



CVWG Memorial Award ($300)

20B, Naschmarket, Vienna, watercolor, 30x24
Naschmarkt, Vienna

*Trish Crow “Naschmarkt, Vienna”

Eloise Gardiner Giles Honorary Award ($250)

72B, Dogwood Bough, watercolor, 19x22
Dogwood Bough

Janet Martinet  “Dogwood Bough”

Juror’s Choice ($500)

Bovine Fashion

*Marcy Springett  “Bovine Fashion”

*members of CVWG

See the whole exhibit at McGuffey Art Center, Charlottesville, through Sunday October 1, 2017.

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