Courthouse Show

Upstairs at the Courthouse

If you haven’t already stopped by the Courthouse to see our judged show, you still have time. It’s well worth a visit! Over 50 paintings are displayed both upstairs and down.

Dr. Julie May, a faculty member at UVa’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, judged the entries and awarded the following prizes:

$50 Merit Awards

Virginia Evans for Violas (First time entrant)
Harold Hallock for Carreg Cennen Castle
Tamara Murray for Bank of America
William Snow for Winter Visitor
Joy E. Tartter for Getting Ready

Honorable Mentions

Jean Botts for Wetlands
Eloise Giles for Tsunami
Phyllis Koch-Sheras for Purple Mountain Majesty

Downstairs at the Courthouse

The Courthouse at 501 Jefferson Street is open during business hours, Monday through Friday.

The current exhibit will be up until July 24 when we hang the next quarterly exhibit. There are no prizes for the next exhibit, but it’s a great opportunity to show, (and perhaps sell), your work. Get ready to join us!

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