2016 Courthouse Winners

MERIT AWARDS (in no specific order)

First Timer Merit: Brenda Hounshell for “Evening Light”
Jean Botts for “Reflections”
Carolyn Ratcliffe for “Sanctuary”
William Snow for “Sweet Sensations”
Joy Cross for “Maine Buoys”

HONORABLE MENTION AWARDS: (in no specific order)

Joy E.  Tartter for “Market Meeting”
Mary Anne Steele for “Happy Day”
Harold Hallock for “Free Wheelin”

A note to all entrants from juror Jeannine Regan:

“I look for good, strong values and composition, confident brushstrokes (whether loose or tight), transparency ( in transparent watercolor) and good clean presentation. but most of all I look for connection….between me and the painting and the painter. Something that draws me to the painting, makes me want to look and look. I’ll look at a painting with perfect technique, say to myself “what good technique” and pass it by, but a painting that gives me an intimate view of the painter, an emotional/moody/thoughtful/joyous painting will pull me right in. THEN I look at composition, etc…What a winner if it contains all!”

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