October 26, 2015 Meeting Announcements

From President, Judi Ely:

Our October meeting is this coming Monday, Oct 26.  Here are numerous important announcements:

  1. The positions of Hospitality and Treasurer for the Guild are still open. The task descriptions for each are attached.  Please consider taking one of these positions.
  1. We will be having for an end of the year luncheon on Monday, November 23.  Save the date!  It will be at Timberwood Grill at Forest Lakes on 29 North at 12:00.  You will need to send a check for $15 to Vicki Dibbern by Monday, Nov. 16 to take part with us.

This will include a sandwich on the Reduced Lunch menu plus a nonalcoholic drink.  The meal will be ordered from the table at the restaurant that day, not ahead of time. (It will not be a buffet.)  You may see the menu offered on the website at http://timberwoodgrill.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/lunch-catering-menu-2015.pdf  If you want an alcoholic drink, you will need to pay for that yourself.  Dessert is yet to be decided.

  1. Workshoppers with Suzanne Winton: Please remember that we would like to see your work from the workshop at our meeting this month.
  1. Bring your extra, unneeded new or gently used art materials and books to our meeting’s Exchange Sale this month.  Get busy going through your stuff.  If in doubt as to whether something you have fits in for the sale, BRING IT!     Price each item.   Suggestions are 50¢ – $5.00, but use your judgment understanding that we want to SELL OUT. Tables will be set up for you to display your items.

Bring small bills or change so you can shop.  All moneys go to the library fund for instructional CD’s

Here is a special request from our member, Lisa McNerney, a nurse at UVA Hospital:

       “I am an oncology nurse at UVA and am so interested in starting an art program for my floor. We have patients that have long stays on our floor especially in the stem cell transplant unit. It would be great if we could give them a packet with markers, colored pencils, maybe a sketch book to have for their stay. This came to me when I recently had a young mom as a patient who had 6 children at home. I brought in some card stock for her to make cards for her kids. It helped pass the time and her husband also started drawing. Would any of you be willing to donate supplies to this cause when you bring things to sell at the October meeting if you can?

     I think that art and creativity could contribute toward the healing of these patients. Thank you for considering this.”

Transparency Show exhibiting in the Cavalier Inn hallway Oct 30- Jan.25:

Susan Stover, Special Exhibit chair, is away on Monday.  Julia will on Monday at our meeting.  Julia will store them at her house until Sue returns home and hangs them with her helpers.  At the meeting an area will be designated for these paintings and boxes will be available to store them in for transport.   Please look a sign “Transparency Show Paintings” for the collection area.

October 26th , Monday the CVWG meeting has a new program:

Three demonstrations of painting techniques will happen simultaneously at 3 round tables.  We need the membership to divide into 3 groups and each group will have time to watch the demos.  A bell will remind members to move to the next demonstration until the members have an opportunity to see each demo.

  • Anne deLatour Hopperwill demonstrate how to use gouache, a water based medium that is opaque.
  • Joy E. Tartterwill demonstrate how to paint water with matte medium.
  • Matalie Deane and Julia Kindredwill demo painting miniatures in watercolor and acrylic or oil, respectively.

FYI –  There will be an effort to shorten our meeting announcements other than those that are congratulatory for our artists at Monday’s meeting and during our 2016 meetings. This is to allow more member participation through group and open discussions at our meetings.  Thus, you are encouraged to make notes and to mark your calendar from your yearly guild directory, when you receive these monthly email reminders from your president, when you read the monthly meeting minutes, when you look at our CVWG website and when you receive the Brushstrokes each quarter.  These are your best methods of keeping up with our events and dates.  The list of the officers and chairpersons for the coming year will be handed out at the meeting this coming Monday as well if you do need information or questions answered as time goes on.

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