Everyone (1200x894)Did we really paint all those paintings in just four days? Jan Ledbetter certainly led a fast-paced, fun workshop. Working on gessoed paper, she showed us how to lift color and paint negatively for maximum dramatic effect. Every day she gave us new exercises that pushed us to make bold design decisions.

Are you a “technical” or “intuitive” artist? For a techie like myself, this workshop opened up a whole new way of thinking.

I learned to start with an underpainting, to paint shapes not objects, to fill the page with overlapping, large shapes that get cropped on all four sides of the page, to think in terms of just two values–light and dark, and to have fun with texture, texture, texture…  It was all very exciting!      (Thanks to Judi Ely for the photos.)


Jan Ledbetter demonstrating
   Jan Ledbetter demonstrating
Critique time
Critique time

3 thoughts on “Wow!”

  1. This was indeed fast-paced, fun-filled and packed with learning experiences. One of the best workshops we have sponsored.


  2. Bummers! Now I’m even MORE sad that I wasn’t there! Way to go, Jan!!!!
    And lucky you, CVWG folks, who got to attend.
    Now, you still have 10 days to DO ANOTHER ONE, on your own and SUBMIT it to our show!! I’m waiting to see what you submit!!!


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