2015 CVWG Annual Show – Call for Entries

2015showlogoIt’s time to prepare your entry for this year’s Annual Show! Entries have to be submitted by Saturday, June 6, for the September show at McGuffey Art Center.

Click to download the Prospectus and Call for Entries.

If you think you’re not good enough to enter–think again! Here is a reprint of an article that Pam Roland, Annual Show Chair, wrote for Brushstrokes in 2012:

“How do you know you are a “real” artist?

Recently Jean Gill asked us an interesting question at the May workshop in which many of us participated. Why do you paint? I’ve been pondering this and my own personal journey on this route on which I call myself “an artist.” She said most folks say they paint because they like getting better at something.

I remember back in 1995 when I was just beginning to paint, I ANNOUNCED to someone that I was an artist. As I recall, he said, “Who says so?” To which, I retorted, “I DO!” And there is truth to that: we become one when we give ourselves permission to BE ONE….so yes, I’m an artist because I say so.

However, there’s more to it than I first thought. To say I am an artist must be followed up by action or it’s perhaps an empty claim.  And to be an artist, I must be growing, emerging, and expanding.

What evidence would you accept as proof you were really growing as an artist? Consider this possible progression…

  1. I play in my medium, experimenting with techniques, colors, brushes, etc. I don’t complete a painting, as such. Low risk here!
  2. I finish some paintings now, just playing around and being surprised every now and then.
  3. I frame paintings now, confident that I can hang them in my house with pride.
  4. I enter a low risk show, maybe like the Courthouse one, where I don’t have to worry about being juried in. I tip-toe into the public eye in a safe place….with my CVWG friends!
  5. I study carefully the prospectus for an upcoming show and actually enter!
  6. I do not let the results of whether I got juried in or not deter my entering another show.
  7. I consistently enter shows with increasing confidence and maybe once or twice get accepted.
  8. I enter shows regularly and frequently am juried in.
  9. I now “shop” carefully for where I want to be entered, adding all the time to the sense of value a client might feel if they were to own one of my paintings! And feeling that bit of fear that keeps us moving forward.

Each new level should feel like a bit of a stretch, shouldn’t it? How else would you know you were alive if you weren’t excited about expanding and improving as an artist!! I think I see where I am. Now I need to set some goals and get to work! How about you? Where do you fall on that list? What’s next for you? What would make you feel ALIVE and GROWING as an artist?”

E-mail Pam Roland, Annual Show Chair, with questions.

One thought on “2015 CVWG Annual Show – Call for Entries”

  1. Your e-mail is great! So true – really something to think about. You are a wonderful teacher, Pam. Never give it up.

    Thanks, Joy


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