Call for Artists

3rd annual Art Crawl logoHi Everyone!   My name is Melissa Liberatore and I am again coordinating efforts for the Art Crawl (our 3rd) which will be held on Sunday, April 6th from 1:00-5:00pm in Stanardsville. 

We need your help for this wonderful community event.  We are looking for artists to participate in this year’s “crawl”.   

The Art Crawl is a private venture to raise money for the William Monroe High School Art Department.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of tickets (the only way outside of direct donations we make money) will be used for the purchase of new computers for the art students.  Can you believe they only have a few laptops now and not all are operational?   Our first year, we raised a little over $500 and last year we raised $2000 which was used for new kilns (2012) and pottery wheels (2013).  The students are hard at work raising funds on their own towards the purchase of these laptops but the Art Crawl will give them a great boost to their funds.

We need artists (of all genres – including fiber arts) to register to be one of the presenting artists for this year’s “crawl”.   We have space for up to 30 artists.  We have generously been offered the use of the old Bank Building on Main Street, Grace Episcopal Church, Stanardsville Town Hall, and PVCC Community Room as locations to display artwork and allowing artists to be present and discuss their pieces with our guests.

To make this fair and open to all artists – we will take the first 30 artists who respond that they would like to set up a display of their works.  What we ask is that if possible you try to stay on-site during the “crawl” so guests can speak to you directly about your techniques/art.  But if that is not possible for the whole time or any time but you still would like to show, please let us know and we’ll try to make arrangements to help.  Again, this is a first come first serve basis as we do have limited space for art displays but so much more than years past.

Here are some more details:

  • Artists can sell their pieces during the crawl and advertise other shows in the year if they wish.  There is no charge to setup and show your work during the Art Crawl.  If an artist wants to give a portion of their sales to the Art Crawl, we humbly accept donations and this is a decision made of the artist and is not a requirement to show during the Crawl.
  • Ann Dye ( or Ph. 985-3103) is our contact with the Art Guild of Greene and is willing to help artists with specific questions related to setup and displaying your art.
  • The Art Crawl is a name to get people in our community to come out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon (yes I’m still keeping my fingers crossed), pay a small fee ($10 pre-purchased tickets /$15 at the door) to view all the displays.
  • The locations open during this event are:  The Palette (many consigned art pieces), Grace Episcopal Church (tour of sanctuary and viewing of stained glass and up to 10 artists), Bank Building (up to 10 artists), Stanardsville Town Hall (up to 6 artists), PVCC community hall (WMHS Student Art, musical entertainment, maybe 4-5 artists depending on space); and Noon Whistle Pottery with their wonderful displays of pottery and live musical entertainment upstairs (big hit last year!!).  Whew – that is a lot happening in our little town.
  • Tickets will be for sale prior to the event at Greene Tourism Office (Ruckersville); Performance Signs Office (Ruckersville); The Palette (Stanardsville); Noon Whistle Pottery (Stanardsville); WMHS Art Department (see students or Mrs. Beth Laine at the HS) or by email to

So I know this is a lot to take in… if you have questions, feel free to email me at, call me (after 5:00 pm) at 434.466.3954 or contact Ann Dye (985-3103

We are looking forward to another successful Art Crawl in support of the WMHS Art Department.

Melissa Liberatore, Coordinator 2014 Art Crawl

Promotional Flyer


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