Call for entries-Apple inspired

RDA applesThis message comes from Jim Allmon, Art and Marketing Director, River District Arts, Sperryville (about one hour north of Charlottesville):

“We’d like you to be part of an art show paying Homage to Rappahannock County’s Apple Heritage! Apples have been an important part of Rappahannock County’s history. In conjunction with the Rappahannock Historical Society, we will display a collection of black and white photos that represents that illustrious heritage during August and September. As part of this exhibition, we will devote space to thematic paintings that also pay homage to the county’s apple heritage.

Paintings may be abstract, impressionistic or representational as long as it “apple inspired!” The subject may be a still life of a bowl of apples, a painting of an orchard, an Adam and Eve encounter or whatever your imagination evokes as long as it conveys the theme.

Granted this is short notice, but we hope you can participate in this show. We are accepting up to three original paintings from each artist. Each piece must be for sale and either framed or gallery wrapped. There is no restriction to size. As the artist, you will receive 70% of the retail price of each painting you sell. River District Arts will receive 15% and the Rappahannock Historical Society will receive 15%. Publicity for this show will  include press releases to area newspapers, posts to our website, various tourism websites and social media.  Our 2000 email newsletter subscribers will also receive an invitation and follow ups to the show.

If you would like to participate, please, email with Apple in the subject line by July 10 and indicate how many paintings you will provide. You may include images but it is not necessary since you may be painting up to the delivery date! You may bring your art to RDA on Friday, Aug. 2 anytime between 10 and 1.”

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