Showing in Florida!

SWS logoTwo of our members, Chee Ricketts and Linda Verhagen, have paintings in the 36th Southern Watercolor Society Annual Juried Exhibition. The exhibition opened February 8 at the Gadsden County Arts Center, Quincy, Florida–about 15 miles from Tallahassee. It will be up until April 27. The juror was Mary Ann Beckwith, AWS, NWS.

I asked both Chee and Linda to say something about their experience. Chee first:

Of imagination and dreams
Of imagination and dreams

My impressions:  The Commonwealth of Virginia seems to be exceptionally strong with regard to its artists who are proficient in watercolor.  In the current Southern Watercolor Society show, composed of 80 paintings from artists in 13 states (I believe), there are about 14 artists from Virginia. Our state has the largest representation of artists in the show.  In the awards category, I think there are 5 or 6 Virginia artists.  Many of the award winners entered our Annual Show last year, too! A look at the show online would reveal very many familiar Virginia names.  I’m thrilled to be a part of these juried exhibitions!

Other thoughts:  It’s expensive and time-consuming to enter shows that are not local.  Be careful when shipping work.  It’s safest and most cost effective to ship from a UPS Authorized Customer Center (like the one on US 250 near Keswick) and to use a specially-designed box for shipping art. Air Float Systems makes the industry standard.  The box can be reused.  (The juror from our Annual Show last year, Chris Krupinski, told us that she ships to 30 shows annually. What an impressive commitment she makes to her art!)

Frozen Concoction

Linda writes: “For many reasons I was thrilled to have my painting, “Frozen Concoction”, accepted into this year’s juried exhibition of the Southern Watercolor Society.

First, my entry into last year’s show had been rejected.

Secondly, “Frozen Concoction” had been rejected in our own CVWG Annual Show last September.

And thirdly, I usually only enter full sheet watercolors into juried shows and decided I liked this half sheet painting well enough to give it another try.

I think this teaches us that artists should not be discouraged by a few rejections, but should continue to believe in their personal vision and still be open to change, challenges and new possibilities.  With every painting there is learning taking place whether it be from success or failure and often it is failure that teaches us the most.  It takes perseverance, courage and faith to grow not only as an artist, but also as a person.”

The Southern Watercolor Society is open to artists living in 19 states from Delaware to Mississippi. You can read more about the SWS at

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