Looking Inward: Watercolors by Phyllis Koch-Sheras

Phyllis Koch-SherasJanuary 27- March 31, 2013

Sojourners United Church of Christ, 1017 Elliot Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia

Artist Talk

Phyllis will be giving an Artist Talk on Thursday, February 28th, 4:30-6pm.  All are invited.

Artist Statement

Art is everywhere in my life—in words, in singing, in fashion, in painting. I see colors everywhere and love combining them in new and interesting ways. I especially enjoy how color has a “mind of its own” in watercolor, bringing surprises where least expected.

Nature and the outdoors have always inspired me—the air, the sun, the colors, the trees, flowers, water, wildlife—providing me with a sense of challenge and joy. I especially love translating what I see in nature through painting.  There is a sense of connection and intimacy with nature that comes from capturing it with a paint brush. Experimenting and abstracting with color and form gives me a way to interact with the natural world.  It is a way for me to bring the external and internal landscapes of my experience together in an expressive form.  I hope that sharing the beauty and variety of nature through my paintings will inspire you to explore your own internal landscapes and to appreciate and care for the environment, preserving it for all.


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